My Mausoleum has been up for 5 years


Mausoleum1 Mausoleum2

These are not morbid photos. I built this mausoleum 5 years ago and had planned the plots etc for over 20 years. Long before I knew I would get cancer last year.

The reason is quite simple. My Dad, my Mom and my big brother Ed all died suddenly with no funeral plans and gave their bodies to science. So there was no place for me to go and leave flowers and talk at the gravesite. And then I went on assignment to Buenos Aires years ago and saw Eva Peron’s mausoleum (Don’t cry for me Argentina) and decided I wanted a much smaller one that could also make people think about life from what was written on the stone. Still inspiring somewhat from the grave.

So it has been up for 5 years now on Rinehart Rd in Lake Mary/Sanford. With this cancer, my sister Connie has said “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst”. So I don’t know how long it will be until I need this grave, but it is all done– as is the service, the music, and even a great slide show to make people smile. I will continue to fight this cancer, but I do like knowing if anything happens, the decisions are all made & paid for — my family & friends need not worry. I want a Celebration of Life, not a sad, sad funeral. The slide show, hopefully, will make everyone laugh at my funeral someday. Value each day everyone and stay positive!