Feel I’m running out of options


Saw my oncologist yesterday to discuss the remaining options.  Because I can’t get anything thru my stomach, that eliminates many of the Alternative methods, as I can’t swallow & absorb any pills.  Any pills we do take need to be crushed well and put slowly thru my J- tube into my colon.  Many can’t be crushed.  And each day it takes 15 hours to have the  liquid  nutrition pass thru the tube.  Not really too much fun., but I do it.

We will continue to look for studies and other options, but I do feel a little like we are running out of bullets.  I have done so many chemo treatments — then so many radiation treatments — that they don’t have many traditional options left.  I have also done so many Alternative methods when I could digest food.

Anyway, I will remain positive.  There are still miracles out there, so please keep praying.  I feel my army of prayers every day. My spirit is still strong and I feel I am in God’s hands.  My wish would be too have more years to, hopefully, inspire others in many ways.  But I am also realistic that this pancreatic cancer is a really tough cancer to beat, especially since my tumor is too close to my main arteries to have the Whipple Surgery to remove it.  So I will keep positive and keep doing my best to make each day valuable.

The photo at the top is one of the activities in my career that  has blessed me so much.  I have done well over 60 safari day trips in various trips to Africa, and each one was exciting & new.  My assignments and my directed trips have taken me so often to multiple safaris  in Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia and South Africa to see the Big Five in the wild.  We were always so close we could smell them and even hear their breathe.  Not sure what year or trip this safari was, but I am clean shaven for some reason. I am sending my mind & thoughts to  Africa today.  Cheers.