Waiting to see what is next


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After the bad news of several weeks ago, I am thinking calm & serene thoughts.  This gentle evening shot of the romantic city of Venice is perfect.  I have been to Venice many times and I always find some special place there, usually when I am completely lost!  Getting lost in Venice should be a goal!

I am waiting until August 29th to see my oncologist about several options.  First we are going to look into special trial studies that I may qualify for in treatment. And we will discuss a combination of three REALLY strong chemos together which may buy me more time or — at worse — have horrible side effects and could kill me sooner.

Not really good choices indeed, but I am still thinking positive and will not let this disease claim my spirits and my positive outlook.  Keep the prayers coming because a miracle is always possible!

Been resting a lot.  Had a great game of bridge (one of my many passions) last night with three good friends…. that was such fun. Have not lost any more weight — good — but sure would like to gain some.  The opposite of almost everyone …. I would not recommend this diet!

I send positive vibes to all the people that read this that have any crisis that they are going thru or with family & loved ones.  Support and appreciation of each day we awaken should be something you aim at each morning thru evening!  Don’t take the future for granted.  Wake up each morning positive and the day will always be better.

Cheers, and enjoy the eclipse tomorrow!!