Seems like mostly good news!

Oia Santorini Greece and a beautiful church with blue roof
Oia Santorini Greece and a beautiful church with blue roof

A peaceful “grab” shot from my favorite place in the entire world —- Santorini, Greece.  I photographed this to look pastel and peaceful.  My mind loves traveling to the Greek Islands that I love so much.

I am thanking all of you today for all your prayers and support.  I also am thanking God for what seems like mostly good news from my oncologist today.  I just got the email from him and I sure prayed before I read the news!  Thank God for the news.

It seems the CAT Scan was basically stable.  No appearances of any cancer metastasizing anywhere else….. and that IS really good news.

I will learn much more from the oncology visit this Monday.   While “basically stable” sounds good, I have several major questions to address with him:

—We did 25 consecutive chemo/radiation day treatments aimed directly at the tumor…. it seems that would have REDUCED the tumor somehow rather than just stable?  I will need to look at scans carefully with him.

—How can we get this so that I can eat ANYTHING?  I have not swallowed one bit of food since March and that is the main reason I have lost so much weight.  I get nutrition from a J tube with fluid bypassing my stomach direct into my colon, and that takes 15 hours hooked to a bag in the evening & overnight.  I am hoping we can somehow find a way to eat something and have my stomach move it along.  That would make my life so much better!

But I am happy with the news… and thankful.  Still a long way to go to be cured, but so many people are praying for a miracle that I feel I have a small army behind me.   And that feels so powerful and good.

Again, I hope that this blog continues to inspire others as people have problems & troubles in their life.  I hope my positive nature can continue to help others — that would make me happy.

Cheers, everyone.