Seems like mostly good news!

Oia Santorini Greece and a beautiful church with blue roof
Oia Santorini Greece and a beautiful church with blue roof

A peaceful “grab” shot from my favorite place in the entire world —- Santorini, Greece.  I photographed this to look pastel and peaceful.  My mind loves traveling to the Greek Islands that I love so much.

I am thanking all of you today for all your prayers and support.  I also am thanking God for what seems like mostly good news from my oncologist today.  I just got the email from him and I sure prayed before I read the news!  Thank God for the news.

It seems the CAT Scan was basically stable.  No appearances of any cancer metastasizing anywhere else….. and that IS really good news.

I will learn much more from the oncology visit this Monday.   While “basically stable” sounds good, I have several major questions to address with him:

—We did 25 consecutive chemo/radiation day treatments aimed directly at the tumor…. it seems that would have REDUCED the tumor somehow rather than just stable?  I will need to look at scans carefully with him.

—How can we get this so that I can eat ANYTHING?  I have not swallowed one bit of food since March and that is the main reason I have lost so much weight.  I get nutrition from a J tube with fluid bypassing my stomach direct into my colon, and that takes 15 hours hooked to a bag in the evening & overnight.  I am hoping we can somehow find a way to eat something and have my stomach move it along.  That would make my life so much better!

But I am happy with the news… and thankful.  Still a long way to go to be cured, but so many people are praying for a miracle that I feel I have a small army behind me.   And that feels so powerful and good.

Again, I hope that this blog continues to inspire others as people have problems & troubles in their life.  I hope my positive nature can continue to help others — that would make me happy.

Cheers, everyone.

This is a very big week!

Colorful panoramic of Machu Picchu ruins from above in beautiful Peru
Colorful panoramic of Machu Picchu ruins from above in beautiful Peru

Tomorrow I go for my first CT Scan in about 2 months since I had 25 weekdays in a row of chemo & radiation.  I had to wait this long to have my insides “settle” to assure the Scan would not be a false reading. It has not been an easy wait.

It will take several days to get the results, so I will let you all know when I know something.  This could be good news or bad news…… I am prepared for either at the best peace my mind can muster.  My will to live is still so strong and I will not let this cancer destroy any of my spirit.

I can still use all your prayers as I so much want to gain weight and strength.  But I am surprisingly at peace.

I looked for my most peaceful image today and found a panoramic of my first visit years ago to Machu Picchu, Peru.  Perched in a valley of fabulous peaks, I brought my heavy 6 X 17 panoramic camera up the mountain and I love what it captured.  A perfect peaceful vista.

I send hugs and warmth to all of you as I enter this pivotal week in my battle with this horrible cancer.  I need your prayers, but I also can say that I hope I have been some small type of inspiration to all those fighting any fears, problems or setbacks.  My entire life I have attempted to inspire others….. hope I can still do that.

Cheers to all of you.

On the edge


Still on edge waiting to have a full CT Scan on July 24th.  That will either give good news or not so good news.  I am praying for good.

Since I’m on edge, I found the cover photo of my 15th book “Remember The Joy”.  My client shot this image of me and I was not supposed to be that far out on the cliff.  But that is how I lived much of my life.  Look how close my one tripod leg is to slipping off!  Fun!  Keep the prayers coming please….

Still not eating, but waiting for results


Only for one week every other year, Brussels, Belgium comes alive with this beautiful live Flower Carpet. I was lucky enough to be there at the right time several years ago in the Grand-Place square in the city center. It is just plain wonderful! I can still smell these flowers!  I like seeing these here today.

I am still very weak from weight loss and still just waiting for the CT Scan on the 24th.  That should tell me a lot.  Scary, but reality.

Please keep those prayers coming!  I can use them.

I send cheer to everyone out there that needs a lift.

Just waiting until I get CT Scan

Just been waiting for my insides to settle down from all the chemo & radiation treatments so I can get a TRUE CT Scan.  Not easy just waiting and it is a little scary.

But I will continue to FIGHT!  You all know that to be true.

Have a good July 4th Weekend.