One Year Ago Today my life changed!

June 25, 2016.  One year ago I came rushing back from a trip to sit in a doctor’s office.  There two doctors told me the horrible news that I had pancreatic cancer.  I remember that I did not shout, did not cry, in fact I hardly reacted.  I was just numb — it was if I was above on the ceiling watching this scene happen below me.

How that changed my life, and this year!  I had to cancel trips & assignments set up to Italy, Ireland, Nova Scotia & Newfoundland, college Homecoming in New York, trip to Banff & Jasper, Hawaii, Germany shoot of Christmas River cruises, Antarctica-South Georgia-The Falklands, and the Cuba trip this spring.  What a year I had planned….. but my traveling just stopped cold. I was “Superman” before I heard this news, and it can happen to any of us , anytime!  Life is so precious — live it fully, as you are not guaranteed tomorrow.

It has been a vacillating year of ups & downs.  It is a tough cancer to beat for sure, but I have kept my spirits up….. I will not let this disease  take away my spirit.  That is definitely helped by so many of you and your prayers & warm wishes.  I can feel them and they do boost my morale so much, so I thank all of you for those thoughts & prayers.

I am in a waiting mode now until my insides settle and I can have a clear CT Scan to see how much good the 25 chemo & radiation treatments have done.  Kind of scary just to wait, but that is where I am.  I still only get nutrition from 7 cans of Levity 1.5 into a J-tube, directly into my small colon and bypassing my stomach.  Not the way you think of “eating”, but that is all I have now.  Hopefully, that can change with the new CT Scan.

So I thank all of you for your kind thoughts and for caring.  I still want to inspire people in this world somehow…. I just have to do it in a more gentle way than traveling & directing trips.  I know I have been blessed so much  in my life, so that helps indeed if I ever do start to feel low.

12491_2444I include this photo of the Taj Mahal in the early morning light.  I have been to India on three trips and shot the Taj at least three times each time.  It changes color with the light of day and is often very crowded.  I post this one today because the light is so soft & pastel and it portrays the gentle feelings I have today.  It is the most beautiful building in the world and created for love for a ruler’s favorite wife.  Enjoy the visual today.  And I send love and smiles to all of you.