Waiting until I can have a new CT Scan



Here is a peaceful sunset image from wonderful & warm Greece.  No, it is not the Parthenon in Athens.  It is the Temple of Poseidon perched beautifully on a cliff in Cape Sounion.  I feel this temple just relaxes in the Mediterranean compared to the hustle of the Parthenon in the big city of Athens.

I am somewhat patiently (??) waiting until all the shock to my insides subsides so we can get a new CT Scan to see the progress.  I had those 25 days of chemo & radiation combined, and the doctors say I must wait for a long time until I can get a true reading to see how much the tumor has (hopefully) reduced.  Patience is not my best trait (I see the smiles on that comment), but I am doing my best.  I still can not eat food, as it does not move thru my system…. so still on the feeding tube.  Not the best way to enjoy life, but life is precious so you do the best you can each day.

I hope the people who read the blog and need encouragement in their own lives still find some positive energy from these writings.  I have always wanted to help motivate, and I still try to do that each day of my life.  Cheers to all of you.