Had a wonderful day yesterday with my BTO Reunion


A drone photo of our Reunion.

Yesterday was so special.  And when you are fighting cancer, there are not many “special” days indeed.  I started my travel group Bachmann Tour Overdrive years ago and I have directed 25 exotic trips all over our planet to all 7 continents.  But, more importantly, I have gathered the greatest family of travelers that I could ever have wished for.  Some of these great people have gone on 8, 10, 11, 12 of the 25 trips…. and others have gone on several and then also traveled in smaller groups together on their own.  We really have become lifelong friends.

Yesterday, 55 people came from all over the country to get together like we do almost every year.  But this year, with me fighting cancer, I think it was more special.  The one shot above, taken at my dear friend Dennis Salvagio’s house, was taken at the end and about 30 of the people were still there.  Reg Garner set up his drone camera over Dennis’s house and we all waved.

As far as the cancer, I am at a “wait & see” stage.  A scary stage, by the way, but I must wait until my insides relax and cure from the just finished 25 radiation/chemo combination treatments.  We can not get a real and accurate CT SCAN for at least another month to see if all those tough those treatments did any good.  I am hoping & praying for the best, but will have to just wait a while now.

Friday I went with Connie & Byron (my sister & her husband) to visit a cancer team that does a brand new treatment and we went to see if it could be a possibility for my case.  It is called NanoKnife and is done at only one place here in Orlando.  Instead of traditional surgical or radiation procedures, NanoKnife uses electrical currents  to open the calls to be unbalanced, triggering a cell “suicide” while the veins & nerves are largely unaffected.  Sounds promising.

Heard a lot of facts Friday, but we again must wait for the CT SCAN results to see where we are in the process.  I will continue to try everything to live thru this horrible disease.  As I have told so many people, cancer can hurt my body, but I will NOT let it affect my spirit…. the spirit that has driven me for so many years to live fully.

So I close today this blog with hopes for good results coming, and also with a real Thanksgiving for the wonderful friends who traveled to the Reunion — it meant so much to me. I also thank all those friends all over our planet who send me their prayers and warm thoughts.  I can tell you that anyone who is fighting cancer is lifted by the people that love and care for him or her.  I am especially thankful for Connie & Byron who are here with me, daily fighting the fight with me.

I send cheers to all.