Some not so good news, but not sure!

I have been waiting all week to decide how to address the news I got last Memorial Day weekend. it could be bad news, but there is also a possibility it could be a false read.  I did not want to overly alarm people, but I am ready to address it now with what I know.

My stomach and intestines have not felt “right” since mid January, so I have been dealing with that as much as the cancer.  I went to the Emergency Room and then hospital last Memorial day after not “moving” for 7 days.  Something just feels wrong.

They did a CAT SCAN and the results sounded scary indeed.  They said the pancreas head seems to have grown some and is interfering with my stomach & small intestines.  That could mean the cancer is moving…. in other words, metastasizing.  And they also thought they saw 2 nodules on my lungs which could be nothing or something. And all this is indeed not good news.  They got me moving again  from overnight in the hospital, and then I got home to rest.

On Tuesday, I went to my regular Oncologist and he said these could be a misread of CAT SCAN.  He says that when we are blasting the tumor with radiation with 22 (so far) treatments each weekday, it often throws off CT Scans as so much is happening in there.  They never suggest you get a Scan until at least a month after we quit the radiation.  Then we would get a much truer reading, as things have calmed down inside.

Obviously, I am alarmed by this reading, but I am holding onto hope that it is a misread from all the activity inside.  I did not know how to address this on my blog, as I don’t want to scare everyone.  But I have tried to be as open and honest with the blog as I possibly can be, so I had to address it somehow here.

So that is what I know now.  I will finish the remaining 6 sessions of radiation and we are also going to look into a brand new procedure called NanoKnife.  I have an appointment this week to meet and learn more about this electrical method of destroying cancer cells.  It is here in Orlando also.  Brand new and has some success, but I need to learn a lot more.

I will keep my positive attitude, I can assure you.  This cancer can beat up on my body, but I will not let it defeat my spirit!  This is just how I am made.

I am having a big Reunion of my Bachmann Tour Overdrive travel group on Saturday the 10th and I can’t tell you how I look forward to that.  I started this group and we have become a loving family and I look forward to seeing so many of them.  I will not have a lot of energy, but I will sit and glow with all the friendships and love in the room as we show slides from our many trips (we have had 25 BTO trips now).  This is indeed the one thing I have done in my career that I am most [roud of accomplishing.  I have had big, big assignments and some famous things, but this little travel group has my heart more than any of those things.

Please keep your warm thoughts and prayers coming my way — I can really use them!  I send hugs to all of you.