A Three Day Reprieve



Here comes Memorial Day and a 3-day holiday for everyone.  Let us not forget that we need to remember our fallen soldiers in wars that have kept our nation free.  That is the meaning of the Memorial Day Holiday.

Most of you it will be off work, relaxing and B-B-Q.  For me, it means that for three days I don’t have to face that ugly radiation machine above, or carry a chemo pump attached to my chest for those three days.  So, wherever we are in life, we all have different ways to celebrate.

The machine above is where I lay down 5 days a week in that light green body form of mine  under the sheet.  All that is to make sure the radiation is “right on” exactly in the same place so it doesn’t damage any other internal parts.  I am now 19 done, 9 more to go.  67% finished.  It has taken its toll on my energy and general well being.  But I shall continue after this three day break and see it thru.

I can feel so many of you battling behind me and that truly helps to make these days more pleasant.  I thank all of you for your warm thoughts and your prayers.  It is impossible to reply to them all, but know I feel them in my heart.  Cancer can play havoc  on my body, but I will not let it break my spirit!

Cheers to all….. have a good long weekend.