Starting the grind again this week


First, a peaceful isolated village church in the spectacular Dolomites in Northern Italy.  Brings me gentle memories of my times there.

Started again a new week of chemo/radiation sessions each day.  Really a full day of medical meetings.  And I could do none of this without the help & love of Connie & Byron.  As most of you know, my best friend in the world (and we call each other brother & sister) Connie moved down here to Florida to help me survive this horrible disease.  Connie, and her husband Byron, moved from their 5-bedroom home in Maryland to live in my two bedroom guest house and help me in so many ways.  My love goes out to them each day as they keep me going to all the meetings, doing all the things to help at home, keeping my spirits going high and I just can’t say enough loving things about the sacrifice they have made.  I love you both and thank you again here.

Today C & B drove me to my radiation treatment, then we waited so long for my chemo tube to be installed for this week.  Then went to banks and finally to my G.I. specialist to discuss ways I can get to eating real food sometime soon instead of just the food tube.  So we got home exhausted after this long long day.

Today was treatment number 15 of 28, so still have quite a few to go.  I will  keep plugging thru this, somehow keeping my energy level high enough.

Wish you all a great week.