One Quarter Done with the procedures

China oxen

I will explain this photo below.

Today I finished my 7th Chemo/Radiation combined treatment.  That gets me 7/28 done, or 25% finished.  That is how I get thru these on a positive note — one at a time!

The side effects seem to be just more energy going away …. I seem more tired.  But I have not thrown up or really had nausea.  I hope that continues.  It is a battle indeed for anyone that has had cancer.  I am keeping my head up and my mind as positive as I can be.  I am just hoping that my stomach improves as these progress and I can eat again!

The photo above… let me explain about it now.  Most of my career people have always asked if I have shot for National Geographic.  The truth be told, NG has purchased many of my images over the years as stock for the magazines, and I have been asked numerous times to shoot on  assignment for them.  I do have the upmost respect for the NG brand and look at it often, but I have always turned down the shooting assignments.  For two main reasons:  first, they pay about 1/10th of what advertising travel campaigns pay me to shoot ($300 a day compared to $3000 often), and even more importantly, is the issue of ownership & usage.  If I shot for NG direct, they would own the copyright and that was far too important for me to give up with all my stock agents selling my images around the world that I own that copyright, simply because I did not give it up to any client.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t often shoot for advertising clients (tourism boards, airlines, cruises, travel companies, etc) in a style that would be very similar to NG.  I strive always to be close & intimate with my travel images and make the viewer feel he/she is right there experiencing it also.  This Chinese farmer and oxen is a good example.  I shot from really low  – with probably an 11mm lens – so that you feel you can touch, perhaps even smell this field and oxen.  If so, I have been successful.

Thought I would share this image I love with you on my 1/4 done day!  Cheers…