Longer day than I thought it would be


First, let me share some joy with all of you.  As I drove out of my driveway towards the street on my way to the hospital. I spotted this home-made sign that some dear friend(s) made for me today as I start this radiation/chemo fight.  It was so wonderful and touched my heart…. I know I have people that are caring, but this was special!  I wish I knew who did it… called several and they said “no”.  It is so special to me as I progress this next journey.

Went to hospital for first radiation and it took 2 hours (rather than the 20 minutes each day they told me).  Then up to get fitted for a “chemo bag” that will slowly let chemo in each hour for 5 days at a time, then they remove each Friday afternoon,  Will have to get used to sleeping with that.

Bad news tho … instead of 15 chemo/sessions for three weeks, they have changed it to 28 sessions over 5 1/2 weeks (off Sat & Sun).  So it will be longer than I thought, but they are going milder than they were going to for a longer time.

I’ll do it and work my hardest to think positive each day.  The positive mind is the best one.  And thank you again, whoever hung that sign.  I sure hope I find out who did it!  Cheers….