Back to Florida Hospital for Endoscopy & Markers Placement



Today went to have minor surgery with an endoscopy to check the tumor and then place the gold markers for the radiation guidelines.  I always heard that “minor surgery” was surgery to someone else!  🙂

After I came to, the doctor said the tumor was not obstructing my stomach, but it’s effects are what causes me to not be able to eat.   I am hoping & praying that after three weeks that a combination each day of chemo & radiation can kill lots (all?) of the tumor and I will be able to eat.  Oh, to have a slice of pizza, a sandwich, even a desert!!  Such joys in life that we don’t appreciate until they are taken away.

The gold markers placed on either side of the tumor are to direct the radiation focused on that area and (hopefully) not damage surrounding areas.  One problem with pancreatic cancer is that there are other important organs so crowded together.  So they must be as directed as possible.

When I first found out I had cancer (on June 25th last year, a day I will never forget!),  I soon had 10 strong strong sessions of chemo every two weeks until November.  But I was stronger & heavier then and did not have any real bad side effects (other than losing my hair) These chemo sessions will be every day for 15 days and will be more mild.  BUT, combined with the radiation and my much weaker body, I may well feel badly & more weak than ever.  It is the price I need to now pay to kill much of this tumor.  So, pray for me as I endure not great days ahead.  I do not even know if I will have the energy to get out of bed, email of call anyone on the phone.  Just say prayers as I go “silent” for awhile please.

As I have said before, Cancer is a HORRIBLE disease, affecting so many of us with our loved ones.  I hate what cancer has done to my strength, my energy, my body …. but I will not let it take one my spirit.  I remain the same person with the same resolve.  I ask for your thoughts & prayers as I battle on.  Keep your faith as I will !