Made the decision for Radiation treatment

Last breathe

After much prayer, consideration, research  and discussions with family, I have decided to not go on the 8-week Alt Med route and am starting radiation in about 1 -2 weeks.

I hope that I have made the right decision.  There really is no “right” decision, as they both have their merits.  Hopefully, the radiation will destroy some more of the tumor and then perhaps I can go towards the Alt Medicine later.

I need to gain weight and get energy.  If I can remove some of the tumor near my stomach, perhaps I can get back to eating rather than the feed tube.  I can tell you a feed tube is no way to exist!  So say prayers for me in this decision.

I send hugs to all of you reading this.  I especially send warm thoughts for those of you that read this that may be facing health concerns.  I get a  lot of email from people going thru health issues and I have inspired them.   I hope that you see that cancer is TOUGH and tough on the body — but I will NOT let it take a way my spirit or the fight I will continue.  So continue your fight also, never losing the goal ahead.