A really big decision to make for treatment

I am at a point that I have to make a decision real soon (several days) on what direction to go with my treatment.  It is critical and I must weigh this really carefully.

The two choices are quite different.  The first is to go to Clearwater for 8 straight weeks fro M-F to take very innovative, rigid, special Alternative Methods of curing that are available almost no where in the USA.

The problem is it has so much nutritional techniques and I have a food pump that may well make much of that impossible now.  Also, it seems like the company also deals with a psychologist who spends a lot of time with each of us trying to work on how we got cancer and even what they feel in our minds that allowed cancer to enter our bodies.  Personally, I am much more interested in getting RID of the cancer than finding out what caused it now.  So much of this 8 weeks could be not as meaningful to me.  And it could well wear me out going this strongly and back & forth to Orlando. And, of course, like traditional, both choices offer no assurances that we can lose this cancer.

The second choice would be what my oncologist has wanted for several months…. 5 days of tough radiation directed exactly on the tumor to kill much of it.  Then perhaps some different chemo later.  Traditional also does not offer great statistics for my cancer.

Please say a prayer for me to make the decision that is right.  I have spent days weighing this decision and it must be made real soon.

I send hugs to all.