I now have a food tube for awhile

Had — hopefully — successful surgery yesterday in putting a food tube into my stomach that should make eating & putting on much needed weight back onto my body.  I have had too many weeks of no appetite at all, so I am ready to change that and get much stronger.

Don’t know anything for absolute sure yet as the pain in my side from the surgery is still strong.  But it is a different type of pain now …. this is just the the surgery pains now.  And it is already better than yesterday, so I am very hopeful.  I can still eat the regular way also if I don’t have pain.

This fight since last June 25th has so many ups & downs from day to day.  But this feels different — like it is  correcting the pain I have had for far too many weeks.  I am anxious to report in future days that I feel more like “normal”… I kind of have forgotten what normal feels like!  I want to start fighting the cancer again with Alternative Methods and stop spending so much of my energy on my GI Tract.

So, please keep your prayers and warm thoughts coming my way.  I can sure use them!  They really do lift my spirits to know so many people sincerely care and send warm thoughts my way. I may well soon go to Clearwater to a clinic for several weeks with really heavy duty Alternative procedures to fight only the cancer now!  Definitely time to spend all my concerns now towards fighting cancer and now worrying about strength.

So, my positive spirit is ready to take over now and look for improvement each day!  And I send positive vibes to each of you as I now look toward to each medical decision aim at only the cancer now.  Cheers….