Still in hospital for 11 days now


Found an old picture of myself shooting a beautiful woman dressed as a bride at a lake temple in green, green Bali.  I thought I knew the color green and then I went to Bali! What a great trip as this was part of my Kodak World Tour of 72 countries.  Fun to discover this photo today in my computer.

Feels nice to look at it today as I really feel “land locked” while still in the hospital for 11 days now.  I am still hoping to solve these stomach problems and be able to go home and eat food without repercussions.   It has been frustrating indeed.  I hope to go home in a day or so …. maybe even with a feeding tube for a while.  We will see.

I am staying positive, but it is tough sometimes.  I would just like to get off of IVs and eat regular food and feel well.  I need your thoughts and prayers.  They help so much in my outlook.

I continue to get messages from so many people around the world who my blogs seems to have helped.  For that I am grateful indeed. I have always tried to inspire people, so I hope this continues.  I know I am a fighter and I will fight this cancer with everything I have.

I send hugs and positive vibes to all of you.