Still in hospital and just got results from CAT SCAN.  No growth in tumor and that is good news.  But we still have no answers WHY my stomach hurts 24/7 so we will do more testing.  I am staying in the hospital until we get answers.  There has to be some reason I can’t eat and have no energy at all with stomach pains constantly.

This saying at the top is something I have tried to live — in my photography and in my life.  Each of us can start the day positive or negative — only we can determine that.  I have always chosen for the positive.  It has been a little tougher lately, but I still refuse to get down even with bad medical news.

Will spend my birthday weekend in the hospital.  Bummer.  But I would much rather get this solved than be home.  This has been so grueling indeed.

We will be doing tests and having meetings with specialists.  Boy, I sure know how to have fun!  Cheers, everyone.