Back to the Hospital for some answers!

This has been such a tough almost 8 weeks since January 14th.  On the 13th, I felt absolutely terrific…. I was strong, gaining some of the weight back that I lost with the cancer, and looking forward to traveling more again after my December Hawaii trip.  It seemed that I was turning the corner.

But cancer has a way of kicking us in the butt sometimes.  I ate two pieces of sushi on the 14th, and from that day on I have felt worse more that better.  I threw up for several day then, wrenching and could not keep anything down.  We all thought it was food poisoning, but after almost 8 weeks of losing weight & strength, we now feel it was unrelated to the sushi.

Anyway, I am weak indeed and have lost over 25 additional  pounds that I cannot afford to lose!  I am now below my playing weight in college basketball by 20 pounds and I am so thin.  I came into the hospital three times in January for 2 days, 4 days and 3 days….. released and back home with the same horrible GI Tract pain each day all the time.

I am NOT going to leave this Florida Hospital until I have answers that can help me live days in less pain.  I may even need a feeding tube for some time if it helps me to get to good health daily.  So. please cast some prayers my way for positive answers

I will somehow remain positive, as is my nature.  It is a little difficult right at this time as there are so many fears & questions.  I just has a new CAT SCAN an hour ago and, hopefully, it wii provide some solid information.  I will keep my chin up as much as I possibly can.

I will keep you all posted as I know facts.  For now, I just want to eat food without pain & weakness.