Today I hope to give you a small inspirational lift.

My health today is a little wobbly.  For the past three weeks I have had my GI Tract unsettled.  And that is putting it mildly.  I have not been able to keep food down much of the time.  I have been in and out of the hospital three times and each time I get released, I still have the same problem going home.  Have lost an additional 20 pounds since I really haven’t eaten much…. weight that I did not need to lose.  I am now under my “playing weight” in college sports.  But I have felt a little better in last two days so I hope I can come out of this and gain weight again.  Then I can return to the full time battle of fighting this cancer and not worrying about my stomach!

But I did’t want to talk about just my health today.  Instead I wanted to motivate you into REALLY realizing how FRAGILE and PRECIOUS each of our lives are!  We so often forget that thought in our rush to just live in this busy world.

I can tell you firsthand that I “floated” thru my life, feeling like Superman indeed.  For the last 30 plus years, I traversed the planet to every corner — unbelievably shooting in over 200 countries, eating at the best restaurants, meeting locals everywhere and totally enjoying each day… thinking I was invincible for sure.  I explored this wonderful Earth to every location, marveling at God’s beauty and man’s wonderful scenics & accomplishments. Many of my trips & assignments were only a month apart, as I returned from one trip to work on my images & videos, only to pack my bags soon and be off to some other exotic locations.  It seemed easy indeed and I never really paused much between the trips to even consider that this could all stop cold one day.  Perhaps that sounds like how you think now — not thinking that something could stop the world you know so well.

I have spent most of my adult life attempting to motivate so many people with my books, lectures, TV & radio shows, writings, directing travel groups and people I met along the way to try to inspire them to travel, enjoy life, do it now while you still can.  On June 25th, 2016 my life went POW!  I sat down with doctors for the surprise notice that I had pancreatic cancer.  My “perfect” life did not slow down…. it screeched to a sudden HALT.

Now it seems my motivation to all the people that read this — and those that know me — is to help you to realize that life can literally change in the blink of an eye!  Someone you know, or you yourself, could face health concerns, an accident, something that would change your life instantly.  And the time to think of that, and make small changes in your life that you may need, would be now rather than too late.

What am I saying?  Well, mainly enjoy life and don’t sweat the small stuff!  Don’t let small things like traffic, or rescheduling, or even being impatient when listening to friends & loved ones talking.  Life is short and precious.  I can guarantee you that anyone with cancer or serious health problems is not going to worry and get upset about a traffic delay!

You may have friends or family that you had a disagreement with and you  don’t talk to now — being too stubborn to call them.  Listen to me carefully …. pick up the phone and call them and make it right now!  If you are rushing thru your life & your work, slow down often and start enjoying all the small things.  Each day I am alive now I try still (even with cancer) to treasure the small things & blessings that life gives you.  You don’t just have to travel the world to enjoy life — enjoy all the small rewards of living daily.

I know I am fighting a very bad disease, but I truly also want to shine a light on it for all of you that you live your lives NOW so much more fully, so much more happily.  Hug those you love each day… they are most important.  Be a better friend, be a better husband or wife.  Tell people how much you care.  Don’t sweat all the small troubles & inconveniences that life throws at you.  Instead, only dwell on the good and the happy.  Do things NOW while you can rather than always pushing them off into “someday”.  Live a better life each day and that does not need more money or prestige.  All it needs is a better outlook!

I close this today and I do hope that maybe my words now will have some small inspiration and reminder of what is really important.  I am thrilled that maybe I can make a difference in your outlook in some small way even as I am fighting this dreadful disease.  That would make my time writing this worthwhile.  Cheers to you all.