Back in the hospital



I am back in the hospital for the third time in 17 days! It feels like Groundhog Day. Thought it was food poisoning the first time from bad sushi, but it may be more involved than that.  They think  now it may be some obstruction from the pancreas so I think we will have more tests.  I am trying to keep my thoughts positive, but it is rather discouraging.  It is horrible just not knowing what is wrong with my GI tract.

I get home from the hospital each time after they get me eating again, and I feel fine.  Then that evening or the next day I just get these horrible pains in my side & stomach and usually throw up some.  Nothing seems to help solve it from medicines, anti nausea pills, etc.  I feel so weak that it is hard to walk around then.

I hope to have some definite answers from this visit.  I am waiting for the GI doctor to visit & see what tests we can run.  I would very much appreciate your thoughts & prayers… this is a puzzle.

Thought I would post a FB photo from my “FB history” they sent today to me of my bare butt on a rug.  Hope FB does not mind nudity.  🙂 I think it said I was about 7 months old on the back (don’t have the pic here in the hospital, obviously.)  I do remember what Mom wrote on the back tho …. Billy Bachmann (I was always Billy until about 12), 7 months old, blue eyes, brown hair and 7 teeth.  Well, Mom, fortunately I still have blue eyes, all my hair and all my teeth!

I send hugs and a smile to all of you.  Can’t wait until we solve this and I am stronger & feeling better.