Finally feeling better today!

Wow.  I have not posted for 11 days here on the blog or on Facebook.  On January 13th I ate some bad sushi from Winn Dixie (not real bright!) and I have not felt well since.  Nothing to do with cancer I don’t think (altho my immune system may not be right for raw fish!), but I went to the hospital on the 14th, stayed two days, came home and went back to the hospital again on Saturday the 21st.

I am not sure I have ever been that sick.  I found out in the second hospital visit that my Potassium was very low and felt very faint, so I have been getting pills for that and also coating my stomach with other medicine.  I just got released this afternoon and I will lay low for a few days.

Boy, if you invite me for sushi, I will pass in the future!  It will be bait for me from now on.  🙂