More Good News

The Ultra Sound test showed little activity at all in the blood flow of the tumor (great!) and also it has reduced in size again from 3.6 cm to 3.2 cm.  It started out at 6.4 cm, by the way in June.  And that is with the last 8 weeks of nothing but the Alternative Medicine! It feels like the tumor is dying inside from all the massive protocol I am doing that kills cancer naturally  and I hope to not need the surgery or radiation. Not out of the woods yet by any means, but all good news.

So I am now planning much more to continue my trips and my life as I knew it.  Still don’t have anywhere near the energy I used to have, but I continue to see progress in that also.  Day by day!

Have a great weekend.  My mind is feeling much more free now, as I thank God for the progress we have made.  I say “WE” as I feel that so many of you people that care for me are praying & sending warm thoughts and that helps me get stronger each day.

I send warm hugs back to all of you!