After several weeks of concern, some really good news!

I have been on “pins & needles” for several weeks now about the progress of my treatments.  I have not had any Chemo, have not decided on radiation at all, so for over 7 weeks I have only done all my extensive Alternative Methods protocols.  So I was “out there” with no traditional medicine to back this struggle up at all.  But I do firmly believe that all I am doing to CURE the cancer is helping.  But I needed a blood test “marker” result to show they are working.

I took the blood test Monday and have waited –not too patiently — for the results.  And I got them today.  My cancer marker CA19-9 went down from 40 to 37.5.   Praise the Lord!  That is good news indeed.  It means the cancer is not very active and that is exactly what we all want.

I firmly believe that the Alternative Methods are working to reduce (and hopefully dissolve completely sometime) the tumor & cancer.  But I also firmly believe that so many people praying for my recovery has made a MAJOR difference.  And I thank each and every one of you for your prayers and well wishes.  They give me strength and power daily to move against this dreadful disease.

Off to my Ultra Sound today to see the size of the tumor…. hopefully, it has shrunk more.  That also would be wonderful news.  I will blog when I get those results probably Friday.

But for today, I thank God and also so many of you for your continued support both mentally & spiritually.  When a person gets cancer,  he or she values each day so much more than ever.  May you value your joys & successes of each of your days.  Cheers!