A Very important week in my cancer fight!

It is Sunday the 8th now.  Tomorrow, on Monday, I get probably my most important blood marker test ever and am praying for good results!

It has been now over 6 weeks since I have had anything at all done with traditional medicine.  I have had no Chemo, decided to wait if I need radiation, and no other traditional methods at all.  I still feel really fairly healthy and strong.

But I have done even much more alternative Methods recently —added more “heavy hitters” to my already generous attack on cancer.  I now have started really concentrated amounts of Laetrile ( from Mexico), hemp drops under my tongue several times a day, creon – which is a pancreatic engine replacement, and Metatrol – which is a wheat germ extract.  These have all been added in the last 4 weeks.

In addition I have continued so many Alternative IVs of heavy duty Vitamin C, ALA and Hydrogen Peroxide into my body — twice a week of the three IV drips.  And I continued with probably 15 more pills to make my immune system stronger, alkaline water only to drink, lots of vegetable juicing, so many Detox pills and many other pills to destroy  cancer cells  inside.  It has all been very expensive, but my Alternative doctors and my support team feel that all of this is fighting the cancer and can dissolve the cancer tumor without radiation or surgery.  I continue on this natural fight, hoping & praying it is destroying the cells inside my body!

That is why this CA19-9 blood test marker and the Ultra Sound Xray I will have are SO VERY IMPORTANT this time.  If my numbers stay good and low, then all of these methods ARE working and we will keep up this fight this way.  There have been many cases of these methods dissolving the cancer inside a body and I hope, pray and firmly believe this will work for me.  Unfortunately, if the numbers are rising or we get bad results, then I will have to reconsider all the traditional stuff that really does not have a good track  record itself in curing this caner.

So I ask all of you to please send me prayers and warm thoughts on Monday as I have this test & scan.  I will probably not know the results until Tuesday or Wednesday, so I may be more than a little nervous.  But my spirit will stay positive and strong — my will is to fight and win against this horrible disease.

I can again tell each of you to live each day happy & fully.  I was — I thought — perfectly healthy until June 25th of last year when I heard the horrible news from a doctor.  Any of us can have our lives changed “in the blink of an eye”.  So I ask all of you to appreciate all that you have and the health that you too often take for granted!  My wish is that all that read this to take a renewed look at how blessed we all are and be thankful.  Life is so fragile & precious and you realize that even more when you hear bad health news.

I ask for your prayers & warm support as I enter this important week!  Cheers…