GOOD NEWS from Cancer Marker


This is a peaceful scene that I shot in the quaint town of Waits River, Vermont.  As I fight this battle with cancer, I enjoy looking at images I have taken that are peaceful & soothing.  This little village with the church, barns and Fall colors is very close to a Norman Rockwell painting!

I had good results from my CA19-9 cancer marker blood test I had drawn on Tuesday.  It had been normal or going down with the Chemo treatments, but they can not go on indefinitely.  It had risen a little last month which was concerning.  Chemo loses it’s effectiveness as the tumor “adjusts” to it and builds a  resistance.  And the Chemo becomes more toxic to my body anyway.

So I have been blasting the tumor with additional new really powerful Alternative Treatments now and wanted to decide if they were working.  Well, the CA19-9 went back down from 48 to 40.0…. good news.  The new stuff that I will continue to do regularly is working,

So that means I will wait until mid January to have another test and make any decisions on radiation or not.  The radiation could well harden the tumor (and destroy some of it also) making it more difficult to dissolve with these Alternative Methods.  I will keep a close eye on the progress, but I know the Alternative things have made me much stronger and are building up my immune system, which will in turn fight any cancer cells.

I am encouraged, as are my support team.  We are doing so many things each day at home with IV drips, pills, supplements, etc etc so it feels good to see the tumor recede from these also.

Wanted to share this news with all of you on this blog.  Stay positive every day in your life and keep those prayers and warm thoughts coming my way.  They help so much — I can not even tell you how much they lift my spirits!

As we go into this Holiday week, enjoy and embrace all those you love each day.  Life can change so quickly…. make sure you are living fully.  Find joy in the little things in your life daily.  I send all of you warm thoughts and positive spirits!  Happy Holidays.