New decisions to make this week

Believe it or not, I just returned from an 8-day trips to Kauai, Hawaii!  My first real trip in 6 months since I was diagnosed with cancer on June 25th.

I canceled a trip to Italy, an assignment in Ireland, two Canadian trips and a Fall colors trip to New England in the last 6 months.  I have been to doctors, Chemo treatments, blood tests, Alternative IV’s and lots & lots of rest in my home.  Too many medical days…. I needed a break so badly.  I had planned this trip  to Hawaii in April, and just never cancelled the flight & resort booking hoping that I was strong enough to do it.  It was just out there for me as an incentive to go and relax in somewhere beautiful.  So I did it from Dec 1st to the 10th.

The trip  did wonders for my outlook and my mind indeed.  I really was wiped out when I got there from the long flights, but I slept the first day for 12 hours and then I was fine the rest of the time.  This is what I have done for 40 years…. travel and shoot pictures.  It was so good for me!   I felt “back in the saddle” indeed!!  The Na Pali Coast was just so wonderful to photograph.

Now I am back to the important medical decisions that I will have to make really soon.  Many of the decisions are going to be answered by a blood test marker that I take on Tuesday… that can well determine what I do next in treatment.  I have three IV drips in The Villages this afternoon and then I meet for the first time with a radiologist to discuss various types of treatment.  I have to decide which ones to attempt or not, trying to make sure they do not also interfere with all my alternative treatments.  These are very important decisions to make in the next few days.

I ask again for your prayers and warm thoughts on this blood marker and the decisions I will be making.  I am strong still and ready to fight this in any way I can, but I can feel so much love from so many of you.   I also hope that others that need a positive “jolt” in their own lives can get that from my positive blog here.  I am touched by the many emails I get from people all around our globe.

Have a good week and I send you all joy and peace as we enter this wonderful Christmas Season.