Waiting for Radiation or the next step in treatment

I am done with the 10 Chemo treatments and now we must decide on next plan of attack.  I received some not too good news in that the Pancreas Marker we use (called the CA19-9) was slightly elevated this week after all the Chemo.  My Oncologist is somewhat concerned, as am I.  We would like that number to keep going down or stay in the same place, not elevate.  It did not raise much, but it is a cause of concern.  Especially since I am really doing some Heavy Hitting Alternative stuff now.  I want these Alternative things to kick this cancer’s butt!

The profit margin for traditional cancer treatment is so enormous.  My 10 Chemo treatments cost over $300,000 already, most of that is covered by insurance.  But insurance will not pay $120 times 3 for my three weekly IV Alternative Method treatments, or any of the so numerous pills we are taking.  I just started a new power drug that costs me  — $1700 per month.  I can get it from Canada for less which I am doing, but all these pills & treatments not covered are scary indeed.  They are a lot cheaper than the Chemo, but the insurance industry only pays for the traditional big three — Chemo, Radiation and surgery.  But I will keep doing these Alternative things because i really feel they are helping.

We will probably do  a powerful radiation for 5 straight straight days soon …. I am meeting that doctor soon.  So many decisions and things to consider.

I send all of you positive thoughts and vibes.  As I have said before, value each of your days you live.  Life is precious and we need to live as positively as we can and “not sweat the small stuff”!  Cheers to all.