I am thankful for each day!

THANKSGIVING EVE.   When one hears the news that he/she has cancer, it changes that person’s entire life in many ways.  For me, I became thankful for every day I am on this Earth.  Each day becomes more precious.  I have so much to be thankful for in so many years of a truly big life I have lived and traveled our globe.  Now all I want is to experience many, many more years!  That is my daily goal.

I hope that all of you will renew your energy & thoughts and be thankful for so much of your life.  So many of us daily complain about such small problems in our lives rather than seeing that each day/week/year are valuable and should be lived to the fullest always.

I have now finished my 10 scheduled Chemo treatments and now I must decide with my doctors what the next steps will be.  I met with my Oncologist on Monday and we discussed the next probable treatments.  The tumor has shrunk to now 3.6 cm, almost half of what it was in my first measurements.  But it is still covering part of the major arteries, so we could not do surgery at this time anyway.  I am soon to meet with the radiation doctor to discuss a series of 5 days straight of daily radiation to shrink the tumor even more.  We also will probably have some type of “maintenance” Chemo occasionally. I plan to continue to do my many Alternative Treatments including adding some really powerful “Big Guns” alternative medicines.  They are very expensive (not covered by any insurance), but I think they also will work really well to help eradicate the tumor.  I am doing all that I know to fight this horrible disease.

I ask for two things from everyone reading this blog.  First, I ask for your thoughts & prayers as I fight this. … they help immensely.   And second, please each of you work hard on appreciating each day you live and see the positive in your days & nights.  Don’t sweat the small stuff!  Believe me, if you ever hear bad medical news, it will change your reaction to the little irritating things that seem to bother you now.  You will learn to value your times and savor your family, your job, your friendships, your loved ones, your outlooks, your daily emotions.  I hope that no one of you ever hears any bad medical news, but you can make small positive changes in your outlook today to live more positively.

That is my desire for each of you…. enjoy!