Mostly Good News I hope!

Had an appointment with a surgeon early this morning about my latest CAT Scan results.  I would say that it was mostly good results.  Still some concerns tho.

The pancreatic tumor has shrunk some more — that is good news!  When I was first diagnosed in June it was 6.4 cm wide.  In the last 5 months with 10 Chemos and countless Alternative Methods, it has gone down to 4.8, then 4.0 and now is 3.6 cm.  Good news.  But the surgeon has said that it is still too close to arteries & veins to operate IF I DECIDE to do that.  So, no immediate decision on that, altho I am leaning towards no Whipple Surgery.

So, now I meet my Oncologist  on Monday to discuss what is next.  The surgeon said that mainly I should opt to continue my Alternative procedures (as it seems to also be working well) and go into a series of pinpointed radiation right into the tumor target.  Also, I may start a new (and less powerful) Chemo as maintenance.  I will know more when I talk to my regular doctor Monday.

So, I guess I am relieved somewhat, but still have some real concerns.  I am biting at the bit to make a travel trip and may do that soon just for my own pace of mind.  That would lift my spirits, as those that know me know that is “what I do!!”.  I am planning on a trip soon.  Later, I plan on directing my Bachmann Tour Overdrive to Antarctica (with South Georgia & The Falklands) in February, and my BTO Cuba trip in April.  I plan on being strong enough to do all of those.

I will rest this weekend and seek some resolve on the next direction. Your thoughts and prayers count so much, so keep them coming.  This blog has reached more & more people that need some encouragement in their own lives and I get nice letters from people that I do not know that someone directed them to my blog and it is helping them think positively in their own medical struggles.  That makes me feel good indeed that I am helping many other people to see light where there could be darkness.  I send hugs to all of the people that read this.  Cheers to you….