Waiting for the scans to know next step!



A gentle stream in Glacier National Park in Montana.  Peace and flowing.  I like to surround myself with pictures I took that portray gentle thoughts.

I had no Chemo yesterday as I have finished my scheduled 10 tough Chemos now.  Next we see where we are to determine the next steps.

Today I had a full body scan — Abdominal, pelvic and chest.  We are seeing how the tumor is doing (hopefully still shrinking!) and also to make sure it has not traveled anywhere else.  Obviously, I am anxious to see really good results.  I should find out Thursday morning when I visit the doctor to discuss.

I am heading again to The Villages tomorrow for three more Alternative IV’s.  They seem to really give me strength and power and to help with the bad effects of Chemo.  This fight is not for the meek!

Hope I have good news soon.  I appreciate any prayers and warm thoughts.  Cheers…