Feeling the love from so many friends


A truly wonderful thing happened Friday night.  Two dear friends of mine (Karen Ashworth & Terre Arrigoni) said they wanted to take me to dinner.  So we went to Stonewood Restaurant to eat.  Surprise — a surprise was happening as 20 of my dearest BTO group all had gathered to meet me!  Wow…. it took my breath away indeed.  I had no idea, but was thrilled beyond words.  It almost brought me to tears of joy.

They presented me with the plaque above from all my BTO Family and I shall treasure this plaque forever.  In 2000 I started this little group called Bachmann Tour Overdrive (BTO like the singing group) of adventurous people that love travel, photography and adventure.  I never even knew of there would be a second trip.  It has now progressed thru 24 trips and many more to come, I hope.  I have trip #24 in Antarctica in February 2017, followed by another #25 Cuba trip in April/May of next year also.  And I hope to take a group around Ireland next August.  I hope my health is good enough, and I am doing everything right so far to make that happen.  All my markers are doing well and the doctors seem very pleased.

I have had many “accomplishments” in my career…. my Two-Year, 72 country Kodak World Tour comes to mind as one of them.  But, honestly, I am more proud of my BTO group than anything else I have ever done.  The fine group of friends we have created together far surpasses any of my other achievements.  This is what I was meant to do — create a loving environment of like-minded people to just travel our Earth together & become lifelong friends. I take no credit for this group other than I simply pulled together a wonderful core group of people, and the love/friendship of these people have really created this special organization that loves each other.  They have made BTO what it is today and I am one proud “father” of this family.

As far as my treatments, I have an off week this week from Chemo.  My Chemo #10 is next Monday.  Tomorrow I will have three Alternative Treatments of IVs and then I plan on shooting some this week with two friends:  Ed Berlien on his boat on Wednesday and Ron Caimano in Winter Park on Thursday.  So I am trying very hard to return to my regular life whenever I can.  I still need all of your thoughts and prayers as I continue to do battle on this disease.  I will keep my positive nature and fight as we see improvement on all the markers.

I thank all of you, as always, for your thoughts, emails & prayers.  I value them more than you could know!  Cheers to all of you.