Getting Back On the Horse Again!


This has been a busy two weeks.  I feel I have finally started to “get back on the horse” and do some of the things I used to do.  It sure beats spending all my days in Chemo treatments, Alternative treatments, doctors appointments and resting in my own house so much.  I really need to get out and live more like I did before!

The photo above was last night when I finally gave a lecture again.  It was standing room only at the Sanford Camera Club and it felt so good to (hopefully) inspire others again.  I worked all day with my studio manager Michele and then did the lecture, so I was more than a little tired when I got home.  May have overdone it a little as I had really high temperatures (101.4) all last night that I had to fight to get down.  But it is almost back to normal today.

Monday I had my 9th tough Chemo treatments and am supposed to have only one more.  That may well be subject to change when I meet the doctor after that “last” treatment.  We will see where we are then.  Tuesday I went up to The Villages and had three more IV drips of high Vitamin C, ALA and Hydrogen Peroxide. Sure am filling my body with lots of Detox and cancer fighting chemicals.  They seem to be working really well tho as the size of the tumor is definitely going down.  I like that I am fighting it with traditional & alternative methods.

Last week I finally went on a short road trip to the North Carolina mountains for Fall Colors shooting and  then saw my sister & my nephews in South Carolina, and my stepson Jordan in Atlanta. That was so good to actually be traveling again…. made my mental outlook so much better. An eight day trip did wonders to my spirit for sure.

I send hugs and cheer to all of you.  If you know someone who needs some love & inspiration, go and give them a hug!  We need more love in our world at this time.