On the Road Shooting Finally



I have an off week from Chemo this week after the good news we had last week.  I am excited to see more progress and more shrinking of this tumor.  I feel that many of the people who are my friends or those that love me are a big part of my process to beat this cancer!  Your prayers and emails have just plain given my extra strength. I hope that anyone else reading this blog that needs positive vibes or needs some inspiration finds some strength here from me!

This saying above is so true in life.  Those of you that know me well know that I am only going to take the choice of giving this cancer fight all that I’ve got to beat it.  I have spent my entire life trying to give it all in anything I have attempted to do, so this cancer recovery is no exception.  And I am thankful for so many of your prayers & warm thoughts have helped build me up to continue to do just that.  I have never know the phrase “give up”.

Since I am off this week, I am off on a several day “Road Trip”.  I have not left Orlando even once in over 4 months of medical appointments, IV’s, Chemo, recovery, resting, etc, etc.  So I took off on Sunday to drive up to North Carolina to see my dear friend Karen Ashworth and we shot for two days on the Blue Ridge Highway of all the fall colors.  I can not even begin to tell you how this little trip has lifted my spirits!  Wow, I’m doing now what I have done all of my career — shooting stills & video clips.  Such fun.  A small bit of “normal” to my life!

I am going to stop and see my sister & two nephews in South Carolina, and then see my stepson Jordan and his girlfriend Christina in Atlanta before I return home.  Just  a short trip, but so very important to me and my outlook!

Thanks for joining me here on my blog.  I will return to Chemo next week (number 9 of 10, I hope) and see where we are after that.  I send al of you a smile and positive vibes for your days to be filled with joy.