Some worry from today

Today was kind of scary and I need some serious prayers for good results for a test tomorrow.  It could be not so good news, so I am hoping for the best.  Let me explain.

I went up to The Villages today to my Alternative Methods doctor there for a checkup and two IV’s that should help.  I had the strong IV for Vitamin C and a new IV with Hydrogen Peroxide (I thought that was to make blondes blonde!).  Both are supposed to help destroy cancer cells.

Anyway, the problem was in the checkup he gave me.  He pushed into my left side groin (below my rib cage) and said he felt a significant lump or something and fears it could be another tumor or something.  So we are going to have a special CT Scan tomorrow evening in Orlando to see if it is anything serious.    I will go in the afternoon and drink the dye for contrast and then have the scan around 6 pm.

I am rather scared at this, so I would sure appreciate  some thoughts and prayers coming my way tomorrow.  I am hoping it is only the colon or something else, and not any cancer that has metastasized in any way.  I have been feeling really fine and with more strength as I did my 8th Chemo treatment yesterday (Monday).  I will probably have some high temperature issues tomorrow or Thursday (as has become the norm), but we sure don’t want any growth anywhere else.

I will let you know here on the blog as soon as I learn the results.  You all know me that I am always positive, but this has me more than a little concerned.

I sign off tonight with warm thoughts for all of you.  Any thoughts & prayers from my friends & loved ones about this would be definitely appreciated.