Alternative Methods this week — “Chemo Break” Week

I have not blogged for about 9 days because I have not had much to discuss that was news.  I had Chemo on September 26th and the week went fairly well.  The only real problem was my temperature on that Wednesday & Thursday became really hard to bring down from over 100 degrees plus.  On Wednesday night, I had to take two long cold Epsom Salts baths to cool my body.  But I made it.

Yesterday was the week off of Chemo.  I shot with cameras a lot of the day with my Studio Manager Michele in Lake Mary, Sanford, Longwood and Altamonte Springs. It felt good again to shoot both video & stills that I will send to my stock reps.

Today was an important day for Alternative Methods to help kill cancer cells.  I now have a Florida doctor who can give me IV drips to fight here rather than in Maryland like I did before.  So today I had IVs of High Dosage Vitamin C and also another one with ALA (Alpha Lipoid Acid).  Both should help a lot to kill cancer cells and that is what I am about.  And please keep those prayers coming — they help strengthen me a lot knowing I have so much support.

Funny, Chemo is so very expensive (I have seen the bills and it is over $16,000 per session — and that is only the chemicals).  Chemo treatments are covered by insurance. Yet, these Alternative Methods are about $120 each and they are NOT covered, so I have to pay cash!  Seems insurance companies should want to try some of these just to save money.

Anyway, I am home now after a long day (at The Villages where this doctor is) and I am fine.

Wish I had more exciting news for all of you, but I really feel positive about all the things I am doing …. IVs, pills, drinks, eating healthy, detox methods,  etc etc.

So I send positive vibes to all of you!  Cheers.