Feeling the love from so many friends


A truly wonderful thing happened Friday night.  Two dear friends of mine (Karen Ashworth & Terre Arrigoni) said they wanted to take me to dinner.  So we went to Stonewood Restaurant to eat.  Surprise — a surprise was happening as 20 of my dearest BTO group all had gathered to meet me!  Wow…. it took my breath away indeed.  I had no idea, but was thrilled beyond words.  It almost brought me to tears of joy.

They presented me with the plaque above from all my BTO Family and I shall treasure this plaque forever.  In 2000 I started this little group called Bachmann Tour Overdrive (BTO like the singing group) of adventurous people that love travel, photography and adventure.  I never even knew of there would be a second trip.  It has now progressed thru 24 trips and many more to come, I hope.  I have trip #24 in Antarctica in February 2017, followed by another #25 Cuba trip in April/May of next year also.  And I hope to take a group around Ireland next August.  I hope my health is good enough, and I am doing everything right so far to make that happen.  All my markers are doing well and the doctors seem very pleased.

I have had many “accomplishments” in my career…. my Two-Year, 72 country Kodak World Tour comes to mind as one of them.  But, honestly, I am more proud of my BTO group than anything else I have ever done.  The fine group of friends we have created together far surpasses any of my other achievements.  This is what I was meant to do — create a loving environment of like-minded people to just travel our Earth together & become lifelong friends. I take no credit for this group other than I simply pulled together a wonderful core group of people, and the love/friendship of these people have really created this special organization that loves each other.  They have made BTO what it is today and I am one proud “father” of this family.

As far as my treatments, I have an off week this week from Chemo.  My Chemo #10 is next Monday.  Tomorrow I will have three Alternative Treatments of IVs and then I plan on shooting some this week with two friends:  Ed Berlien on his boat on Wednesday and Ron Caimano in Winter Park on Thursday.  So I am trying very hard to return to my regular life whenever I can.  I still need all of your thoughts and prayers as I continue to do battle on this disease.  I will keep my positive nature and fight as we see improvement on all the markers.

I thank all of you, as always, for your thoughts, emails & prayers.  I value them more than you could know!  Cheers to all of you.


Getting Back On the Horse Again!


This has been a busy two weeks.  I feel I have finally started to “get back on the horse” and do some of the things I used to do.  It sure beats spending all my days in Chemo treatments, Alternative treatments, doctors appointments and resting in my own house so much.  I really need to get out and live more like I did before!

The photo above was last night when I finally gave a lecture again.  It was standing room only at the Sanford Camera Club and it felt so good to (hopefully) inspire others again.  I worked all day with my studio manager Michele and then did the lecture, so I was more than a little tired when I got home.  May have overdone it a little as I had really high temperatures (101.4) all last night that I had to fight to get down.  But it is almost back to normal today.

Monday I had my 9th tough Chemo treatments and am supposed to have only one more.  That may well be subject to change when I meet the doctor after that “last” treatment.  We will see where we are then.  Tuesday I went up to The Villages and had three more IV drips of high Vitamin C, ALA and Hydrogen Peroxide. Sure am filling my body with lots of Detox and cancer fighting chemicals.  They seem to be working really well tho as the size of the tumor is definitely going down.  I like that I am fighting it with traditional & alternative methods.

Last week I finally went on a short road trip to the North Carolina mountains for Fall Colors shooting and  then saw my sister & my nephews in South Carolina, and my stepson Jordan in Atlanta. That was so good to actually be traveling again…. made my mental outlook so much better. An eight day trip did wonders to my spirit for sure.

I send hugs and cheer to all of you.  If you know someone who needs some love & inspiration, go and give them a hug!  We need more love in our world at this time.

Excited about my Lecture on Wednesday October 26th



I am really excited to give a lecture this Wednesday at our new Sanford Camera Club.  I have lectured all over the world, but this is my first lecture since I was diagnosed with cancer in June.  I am ready to “get back on the horse again”!

This lecture “Come Visit Our Planet’ took me three months of going through 40,000 of my travel images to edit & assemble the 200 very best of the best!  I will not talk about stock photography, or making money or the business.  All I will do is (hopefully) inspire my audience with only WOW, WOW, WOW images.

I have no hair now, no mustache, have lost over 40 pounds so I look skinny, have less energy than I usually have, but I plan on still having the inspiration for all of you to see our Earth in all it’s wonder & color.  I may have to sit down some of the lecture (also not like me), but I can’t wait to see my many of my friends and give this new lecture.

The time is 6:30 pm on Wednesday 26th  and will take place right in downtown Sanford at 230 E. 1st Street in Sanford.  There is a parking lot across the street and great restaurants for food before or after the lecture.  Please plan on joining me as I get out of my house, away from doctors, away from Chemo and medical procedures, and come back to doing what I love to do.  This will be a night of just plain joy in my images of our wonderful planet from over 200 countries I have visited with cameras.  It should be a full house so get there early.  And please, come up and say hi to me before or after!  I am excited to show all of you this new lecture of color.

On the Road Shooting Finally



I have an off week from Chemo this week after the good news we had last week.  I am excited to see more progress and more shrinking of this tumor.  I feel that many of the people who are my friends or those that love me are a big part of my process to beat this cancer!  Your prayers and emails have just plain given my extra strength. I hope that anyone else reading this blog that needs positive vibes or needs some inspiration finds some strength here from me!

This saying above is so true in life.  Those of you that know me well know that I am only going to take the choice of giving this cancer fight all that I’ve got to beat it.  I have spent my entire life trying to give it all in anything I have attempted to do, so this cancer recovery is no exception.  And I am thankful for so many of your prayers & warm thoughts have helped build me up to continue to do just that.  I have never know the phrase “give up”.

Since I am off this week, I am off on a several day “Road Trip”.  I have not left Orlando even once in over 4 months of medical appointments, IV’s, Chemo, recovery, resting, etc, etc.  So I took off on Sunday to drive up to North Carolina to see my dear friend Karen Ashworth and we shot for two days on the Blue Ridge Highway of all the fall colors.  I can not even begin to tell you how this little trip has lifted my spirits!  Wow, I’m doing now what I have done all of my career — shooting stills & video clips.  Such fun.  A small bit of “normal” to my life!

I am going to stop and see my sister & two nephews in South Carolina, and then see my stepson Jordan and his girlfriend Christina in Atlanta before I return home.  Just  a short trip, but so very important to me and my outlook!

Thanks for joining me here on my blog.  I will return to Chemo next week (number 9 of 10, I hope) and see where we are after that.  I send al of you a smile and positive vibes for your days to be filled with joy.

Good news today!

You saw my blog yesterday about our fears of perhaps another tumor in my groin- stomach area.  We were all concerned.  So I had the CT Scan yesterday and had them rush the results today.

It was good news!  My doctor reports no other growth at all.  They think the hard area that they were worried about now must have been stool in the colon (sorry that is so graphic of a description).  But no known place the cancer is metastasized from this CT Scan.  Boy, cancer is a daily up & down journey for sure.

More good news also to report.  The pancreatic tumor that on June 25th (when I found out about the cancer) measured 6.4 cm on the long side.  Two months ago it measured 4.8 cm and yesterday now it is 4.0 cm (about 1 1/2 inches).  So it still is shrinking and no growth in other places to report.

Golly, I feel blessed today!  So many people were praying and I do believe prayer helps more than anything.  And I will maintain my positive attitude.  I feel like going out to the store and buying green bananas !  🙂

Thank you to all of you for your warm thoughts & prayers.  I need them and appreciate them.  I feel that soon I will be back into my life as it was, traveling on assignments and lecturing when I can.  I am lecturing for the first time since I heard the cancer news on October 26th at the Sanford Camera Club at 6:30pm.  My lecture will be called “Come Visit Our Planet” and will be my all-time best travel images from over 40 years of traveling the globe.  No mention of stock photography, no mention of money, just pictures that I hope will say, WOW, WOW, WOW.  The address is 201 E. 1st Street in downtown Sanford.

I will have no hair, no mustache, and not as much energy as I usually do, but I still plan on inspiring everyone in the audience to live fully & see our Earth.  I hand-picked these images for this new show.

I am off to rest now, but very happy with the good news.  Cheers to all of you.

Some worry from today

Today was kind of scary and I need some serious prayers for good results for a test tomorrow.  It could be not so good news, so I am hoping for the best.  Let me explain.

I went up to The Villages today to my Alternative Methods doctor there for a checkup and two IV’s that should help.  I had the strong IV for Vitamin C and a new IV with Hydrogen Peroxide (I thought that was to make blondes blonde!).  Both are supposed to help destroy cancer cells.

Anyway, the problem was in the checkup he gave me.  He pushed into my left side groin (below my rib cage) and said he felt a significant lump or something and fears it could be another tumor or something.  So we are going to have a special CT Scan tomorrow evening in Orlando to see if it is anything serious.    I will go in the afternoon and drink the dye for contrast and then have the scan around 6 pm.

I am rather scared at this, so I would sure appreciate  some thoughts and prayers coming my way tomorrow.  I am hoping it is only the colon or something else, and not any cancer that has metastasized in any way.  I have been feeling really fine and with more strength as I did my 8th Chemo treatment yesterday (Monday).  I will probably have some high temperature issues tomorrow or Thursday (as has become the norm), but we sure don’t want any growth anywhere else.

I will let you know here on the blog as soon as I learn the results.  You all know me that I am always positive, but this has me more than a little concerned.

I sign off tonight with warm thoughts for all of you.  Any thoughts & prayers from my friends & loved ones about this would be definitely appreciated.

Alternative Methods this week — “Chemo Break” Week

I have not blogged for about 9 days because I have not had much to discuss that was news.  I had Chemo on September 26th and the week went fairly well.  The only real problem was my temperature on that Wednesday & Thursday became really hard to bring down from over 100 degrees plus.  On Wednesday night, I had to take two long cold Epsom Salts baths to cool my body.  But I made it.

Yesterday was the week off of Chemo.  I shot with cameras a lot of the day with my Studio Manager Michele in Lake Mary, Sanford, Longwood and Altamonte Springs. It felt good again to shoot both video & stills that I will send to my stock reps.

Today was an important day for Alternative Methods to help kill cancer cells.  I now have a Florida doctor who can give me IV drips to fight here rather than in Maryland like I did before.  So today I had IVs of High Dosage Vitamin C and also another one with ALA (Alpha Lipoid Acid).  Both should help a lot to kill cancer cells and that is what I am about.  And please keep those prayers coming — they help strengthen me a lot knowing I have so much support.

Funny, Chemo is so very expensive (I have seen the bills and it is over $16,000 per session — and that is only the chemicals).  Chemo treatments are covered by insurance. Yet, these Alternative Methods are about $120 each and they are NOT covered, so I have to pay cash!  Seems insurance companies should want to try some of these just to save money.

Anyway, I am home now after a long day (at The Villages where this doctor is) and I am fine.

Wish I had more exciting news for all of you, but I really feel positive about all the things I am doing …. IVs, pills, drinks, eating healthy, detox methods,  etc etc.

So I send positive vibes to all of you!  Cheers.