Seventh Chemo Coming Up Tomorrow



Today is the exact three month anniversary from June 25th when I received the horrible news from the doctor saying the C word.  My life changed and came to an immediate halt at that moment.  My travels stopped cold and I miss globetrotting the world so much.  That has been my calling in my career.

This photo above of wild horses that I shot in wonderful Iceland makes me want that freedom again!  I sure do plan on traveling again, leading my BTO group on adventures, and shooting — things I love and live to do.

This has been a busy week — actually the only busy activity week in the three months.  I went out to my Orlando Camera Club banquet on Thursday night, and it was my first time “out” since I started the cancer treatment.  It was so great to actually be seeing so many of my friends and laughing with buddies.  The speaker, David Hume Kennerly, is a major hero of mine — his book “Shooter” was one of the reasons I stayed in photography for my career.  I was considering law school when I read that book, and I sure made the right decision to continue into travel photography and explore the world on assignments for the last 35 years.

Then on Friday I went out shooting video & stills for the first time in over three months!  I went with my studio manager Michele, and we shot in small Florida towns of DeLand and Cassadaga.  It felt so good to actually be WORKING again, and the video should be sellers at my stock video agencies.  I was a little weak, but I felt productive again!  Sure beats sitting around the house resting.

Tomorrow I get the 7th of 10 treatments of Chemo.  I know the drill well by now, and I know I will hit the wall sometime this week in energy & appetite & rising temperatures.  I also in the next two weeks will get IV drips of Vitamin C and also ALA.  These are both Alternative Methods of fighting cancer, as I am going after this disease with both Traditional & Alternative methods.  I have taken so many detox and cancer fighting pills also, so I feel we will get good results when they do the next CAT Scan. Please say a prayer for positive results in fighting this tumor.

I send hugs to all of you.  Think positive… as I will each day.  That is the important thing in life whether you are in perfect health or not — you determine how most of your days go.