No Chemo this week– Hurray!



It is Monday and usually I have Chemo.  But this week I have off from the chemicals.  I should feel stronger this week with more energy & appetite.  I hope so.

This saying at the top of this blog is so true.  Whatever your dreams & goals are in your life, don’t put them off constantly thinking you have so much time to do them later.  Since I received the word that I had cancer, I have even more than before realized that we are NOT promised unlimited time in our lives.  Things can change, unfortunately, in the blink of an eye.  It sure did for me on June 25th, 2016 when I heard the horrifying cancer news.

This past week I seemed to drag a little more than usual, especially Friday & Saturday.  Most of you know me and motivation to do things has sure never been a problem for me!  For a couple of days this week, I sure had trouble getting energy to do things.  I know the Chemo has an accumulative effect, so I feel that was the problem.  Let’s hope I have more energy now.

I plan on doing two things this week that have me excited.  My life has been photography & travel all of my adult life.  I miss that so much.  So one day this week I plan on going with my studio manager Michele to some town close by (DeLand or Mt Dora probably) and shoot both stills & video clips for my various stock agents.  I am excited just to be shooting!  I will not overdo it — something I have done often in my life 🙂    I will take it easy and rest if I get tired in the heat, etc.  But that will allow Michele & I to have something that we can work on in the studio with our editing & computers.  If it goes well, I will do it again the following week.

The second thing I plan on doing is going to my wonderful camera club banquet on Thursday night, if I feel as well as I should.  I love the Orlando Camera Club and have missed meetings now for over three months.  The banquet speaker is one of my heroes, former Vietnam news and later White House photographer, David Hume Kennerly.  I got the chance to speak with him several years ago and to tell him that he inspired me so much in his book called “Shooter”.  I read that book in the late 70’s and it kept me from going to law school and staying in photography that I loved.  So thrilled that I was able to tell him that he inspired me …. as many of us lecture or write books, we most of the time never hear that we had any effect on peoples’ motivation or life changes.   So it meant a lot to both him & me to be able to share that with him.

I close this blog today saying to all of you that I am doing my best to keep my spirits positive.  I hope that you will live your daily lives fully and doing what you desire.  There is one person that makes your day good or bad — and that person is you!