Six out of Ten — keeping on keeping on.



Had a stronger Chemo yesterday than usual after one week off from the chemicals.  The doctor suggested we go stronger and put 20% more of both Chemo drugs into my port (oh whoopee) since we are going every other week.  I want to continue to attack this tumor, so I said go for it.  We are also attacking this with so many other alternative things.  I won’t know the effects for quite some time when we do another CAT Scan… so please say a prayer for really good results.

Last week was my best week since I started with the Chemo.  When I have a week off (2 weeks between Chemo) I seem to get more strength and appetite, in addition to more energy.  But last week was the best… I actually gained  a few pounds — which I needed since I have lost so much weight since I started.  I have lost weight because food just doesn’t taste pleasing and I look it at more than eat it.  But last week I actually enjoyed several delicious meals completely.  A real joy for me.

I feel pretty well today also, despite the additional chemicals.  I have a feeling I will feel it tomorrow tho and will also have to watch my temperature rising.  I seem to be learning what to expect and when to expect it as I progress.  I am now 6 out of 10 of the original program schedule (yeah!) …. but he said yesterday that is subject to change.  I fear he doesn’t mean less!  I am still so positive that we will beat this.  I am looking into a possible other treatment in Seattle (with immunotherapy — programming my regular immune cells to attach the cancer cells).  I will fly there if it seems to work for the pancreas.  And maybe even flying to Mexico for some other series of treatments.  I have my alternative doctor (a friend of 30 plus years) checking both treatments and I trust his wisdom & expertise completely.

So, now I rest the next few days.  I am battling this disease with my positive spirit, with chemo, with prayers from many of you, with alternative means, with  determination, with rest and with all the means I can muster.

I thank all of you for what you mean to me.  I can not state powerfully enough how much your prayers, emails and concern means to me.  When you go thru something like this and you have people write and say how they are thinking of you, it adds a strength to your resolve and determination.  So, keep these thoughts and prayers coming.

The saying at the top of the page is something that we all need to be reminded of, almost daily.  We all think that life could be better if we had more money, if we had a better job, if we had a better anything… if the grass were greener.  We need to see that life is yours here with what you have and what you are — only YOU can make that positive and fruitful.  Every day one person determines how good or bad your day is — and that person is you!

Cheers to all of you.  I send hugs…