A week without Chemo is like …..


No Chemo yesterday so I should feel better this week than usual.  The important word is SHOULD!

Had the same problems with this week as others — the temperature issue was later this week (Friday & Saturday mostly), but it really persisted.   Had to several times relax in a cool Epson Salts bath to cool my temperature down.  Common with this type of chemical.

My appetite is still not very good.  And, of course, the stomach issues and lack of real energy.  I handle all of these things, but it is not easy for sure.  As I have said many times in the last few months, Chemo is not for the meek.  I will continue to go thru it with the hope that all the pain is well worth it when I get the results.  I keep my eyes on the goal for sure!

I have had so many emails from people and that really does help.  Many are people or families going thru health issues, and they have found my blog and are becoming more positive.  That makes it all worthwhile to me!

Then, of course, there are emails from friends & loved ones.  Those are extra special to me.  To really know that so many people are pulling and praying for my recovery really helps me maintain the positive attitude that I have always lived in my life.  So I thank all of you — I do read and smile from each email I receive.

Connie, my best friend, has flown to Baltimore to prepare for her move down to Florida permanently, but her daughter Kim has been here all week from Tennessee to take care of me.  My ex-wife Cathy  and our good friend Lee are coming for two days this week to replace Kim before Connie returns …  so I am well taken care of indeed.  I am so thankful for the love they all have and the time & dedication they have so beautifully shown to me.

I send hugs and smiles to all of you.  As the photo at the top says, that does set everything straight.  I send positive vibes to all that need that smile or that lift!  Cheers…