Another Chemo down, more to come



Yesterday I had still another Chemo session.  This is a photo of the room sign at Florida Hospital where I have all the treatments near the main hospital off of Princeton Street.  It was another full house there on my Monday afternoons.  Unfortunately, cancer is a busy business.  How can we bring an end to this horrible disease that attacks so many people and effects so many families???

Not much to report other than they tell me that I am half way.  They added one more treatment at the end now, so I am I guess officially half way towards my original schedule.  After that, it depends on several things.

Today, am feeling the usual low energy day.  On Wednesdays my temperature usually rises, so I will be taking medicine to try to stop that before it starts.  Hate to say it, but I am getting used to this dull routine.  Life is not very exciting for me now, but I try each day to fill my mind and soul with positive vibes, do something productive each day and get plenty of sleep  & rest.  My body needs this rest so I am listening to it well!

I have had so many emails from so many people that are reading my blog and it seems to help them.  I am thrilled to be a positive “voice in the woods” to help others.  For so many years I lectured about positive feelings of traveling our Earth & the joy of photography.  So for now I have taken a right turn and am helping so many others I do not even know to think positively.  That warms my heart indeed.  It is hard to describe the joy I get back from these emails… keep them coming please.  My day is better when I read emails from those I do know & love also.  It adds joy to my afternoons indeed.

To all those I know, that I love, that love me and to those I do not know — think positively EACH DAY of your life in some ways.  Make the most of whatever gifts you are given and use them to “pass it along” to make others feel better.  I have lived by that motto all of my life, and I am glad to still be able to do that even without the physical strength I have always had.  Cheers…