Just got results of the tests

I had the tests yesterday and have been waiting — not very patiently — for the results.  The doctor just called and I know more now.

I think the news is fairly good, but I was kind of hoping for even more good news.  So far this is what I now know after all the Chemo we have done, along with all the Alternative Methods, pills, drinks and things we have taken.

The growth has not gotten significantly smaller, but it has not grown larger either.  It has — positively — moved away from some of the important blood vessels.  This is what we do want.  I had hoped to see it reduce more, but then I want it to go away totally!

More good news is that in the original chest X-rays, there were several lung nodules and they did not know if they were cancerous or benign.  After the Chemo they wanted them still there, which means that the cancer is not metastasized and that is really good news.  If thy were gone from the Chemo, that would probably mean that it had spread and that would not be good.  They were still there which is good news so they were not cancerous or the Chemo would have destroyed them.  That I know is good.

So, I guess it is good news.  I just would have liked to have it reduced a lot.  That is me and my fighting spirit talking, I guess.  Not growing in two months and moving away from blood vessels is good the doctor said to me personally.

So we will go on with the same treatment and do Chemo on Monday as usual.  I ask again for all of your prayers.  I look forward to being done with Chemo after 5 more treatments and then starting to get ready for the surgery that will remove the dead (hopefully) cancer cells and my pancreas.  So that is my goal indeed.

Hope you all have a good weekend.  At least I know more now what is going on inside my body as these treatments continue.  Hope I can keep my energy up and do more each week to improve!  Chemo wipes a person out totally, so it is a fight.  But one I am prepared to do.

I send hugs to anyone reading this that may have loved ones or themselves needing a positive lift.  Keep that spirit and will to succeed…