A very important test coming up on Thursday!

This week my doctors decided to rescue me from the rigors of weekly Chemo to let my body come back to normal a little.  As tough as this Chemo  is, they felt I needed to revert to every other week for several weeks.  I sure can’t complain about it!

So I am just resting — and still finishing up on repairs needed after the lightning strike.  We have much of the items repaired now, but still need to get two new computers delivered  and get them up and running.  It has been a real process to repair so much.

So, I am spending my time thinking about how lucky I have been in my life today!  I had my Northern Italy BTO trip scheduled in July, but then I came down with the cancer diagnosis on June 25th (the day of my first blog with the shocking news!)  So I could not go or lead the trip with my fabulous group and they did it without me.


But here is the really cool part…. they smuggled a photo of me out of my studio (Michele gave it to them and I never knew) and they printed a large “foldable Bill” and took it in their cameras bags to INCLUDE me at many times in the trip photos!  I was so touched by that and I felt “Flat Bill” was definitely a part of their trip.  Of all the things I have done in my long career, starting my Bachmann Tour Overdrive (BTO) group is the best thing I have done.  We have had 23 trips all over the world together and I love showing people that love travel and photography all the beautiful places on our Planet Earth.  The next trip is Antarctica in February and then Cuba again in April.

Above is the final group shot in Venice, Italy  and I am there in spirit in the back row for sure!  What a cool thing to do…

As far as the important test this week, say a special prayer on Thursday for me as I have a contrast Full Body CT (cat scan) to see 1) if the tumor is shrinking and 2) To make sure the cancer has not spread (metastasized) to anywhere else!  I am  excited — and a little scared —  to hear the results of the test, so please cast a thought or prayer my way that day.

I send hugs to everyone and hope that your days are filled with laughter and fun.  Life is to be lived fully, so go out and enjoy!  I know I plan on doing that again soon!  Cheers.