All of us must think positive!


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This is a quote from Henry Ford and it is true in any person’s life.  No matter what you do in life, think positive that you CAN do it!  Even in a fight against cancer. I can beat this cancer!

Had Chemo on Monday again, so lacking energy, appetite & stomach regularity.  It is tough, but I must stay positive.  I do hit some “lows,” but I am not letting them stay in my mind for too long.

Spent a lot of energy this week getting computers, printers, security system, hard drives, etc repaired after that lightning hit.  Still more to do as it seems it hit various places and things.

Just trying to get thru all the tough parts of Chemo and I am trying to rest when I can.  Hope this finds all of you thinking positive, having good days in your lives and enjoying your day-to-day living.  Keep those prayers, emails and thoughts coming as they really do lift my spirits each day!