Chemo #4 is completed!


As you know from my blog, Chemo is not for the faint of heart.  I had a week “off” this week from a treatment, so today I had #4.  I will feel it for some days now — it tries to knock you down for sure.  I will stay as strong as I can.

Here is a photo of the end of this fourth treatment.  I was the last one to leave my room this afternoon.

This “off” week was full of “bummer” other stuff that happened.  As if Cancer is not enough of a struggle, on Wednesday my home got a bad direct hit from lighting.  Knocked out my security system (expensive to repair!), one computer in the house, two monitors, Cable (easy to fix), phones (easy to fix) and I hope it did NOT knock out a really big 20 Terabyte  storage drive (with much of our video clips).  Hope not, but I should find out tomorrow with Michele in the studio.  If it is fried, I HOPE that we can recover the data.

This is not what I needed to worry about.  I also found out my home deductible is about $5000….. ouch!  I remember when it was $500 or so.  What happened to that?  I will be over that so I will have to pay all of the $5000 more than likely.

To add to that, on Friday night I told Connie (my best friend — I call her my sister — who has moved in to help me with all of the cancer for many months)…. “Let’s take a quick ride in my (now antique) Jag convertible for a spin just to relax.”  We drove it to the Post office (in traffic) at about 10 pm and then drove it on my main country road.  I wanted to show her some of the really big elegant homes on Markham Woods Road.  I was going about 35 mph and we were about 4 miles from home.  Put the brake on once and it went all the way to the floor — NO BRAKES!  Yikes!!  I had to drive so crazy trying to get onto grass, try to find hills to go up — anything to slow down — and prayed I did not come to any congestion with cars.  Got it down to about 20, made a crazy fast U-turn and headed home.  Went slow as I could and had to cross one light to run a red (honked my horn and flashers on so a car crossing in front stopped for us!) and then had trouble stopping in my circular driveway so I kept going around & used  emergency brake to stop in front of house.  Whew!  We were so lucky.

AAA tow truck took it to repair shop over weekend and he said today it was the Master Brake Cylinder and we will repair it.  Thank God we did not hit anyone because I had no way of stopping…. but I drove it the best I could.

When it rains, it pours!  I wanted a week to relax, not lighting & no brakes.  But we made it and will get everything done.  I stay on those thoughts as much as I can.

So, I send hugs to all of you.  Never a dull moment here for sure this week.  Keep living your life all of you and savor each good thing in your days.  Most of a good life is between YOUR ears!