Thinking of how blessed I have been

This is an “off” week for Chemo, so I have felt a little better.  We got hit by lightning yesterday in a fierce  storm, so now the next few days are getting repairs done by repairmen.  May have lost a computer, one monitor, security system people in today, AT&T for home phones, Best Buy Geek Squad coming tomorrow, as are Bright House cable, etc.  A lot of stuff, but I am not getting upset and losing my real goals of health recovery!  I sure hope they can save so much info on that computer!


Instead of worrying, I am thinking today how really blessed I have been in my life. I was just a kid from Pittsburgh, loved sports and loved photography more.  Did I EVER imagine that I would travel to over 190 countries on all seven continents and have so many wonderful opportunities for 35 years?  Not in my wildest dreams!!

The photo above I took with a cell phone of the globe map in the library of my home.  It shows the dots of locations all over our planet.  Heck, there are over 35 countries just in the Caribbean area, so it adds up quickly when you travel so often on assignment shoots.

I had a saying tacked on top of the map that I love!  “Not All Who Wander Are Lost!”  I have kind of lived that phrase, I imagine.  The coolest part is the word “Wander”.  My Mom had a syndicated weekly newspaper column (like Erma Bombeck) in 13 small newspapers in Western PA and Eastern Ohio that she called “The Wandering Reporter”.  It was fun as a small child to go with her to her editor in Pittsburgh many weeks with her bringing me (the baby) and her typewriter.  One of my 15 books has the title “Wandering The Pacific Rim” that I chose in honor of her wandering!  And I have dedicated several of my books to my parents who taught me so much about freedom & also a strong sense of responsibility.

Those of you that know me personally, or perhaps from my lectures & books, know how I have always said I have been so blessed to have my career come from my hobby, photography.  I have always been so appreciative and humbled by the opportunities that have presented themselves to me as I have have traveled our globe with camera in hand for most of my adult life.  I sure never took it for granted!

I will not travel for some time now as I battle this disease, and I miss it terribly.  But my approach now is that I will start traveling again and sharing photos & video clips with my clients & stock reps to be published all over the world.  Traveling is in my blood!  And my wonderful travel group, BACHMANN TOUR OVERDRIVE,  also has that same travel “gene”.  I am more proud of that little group that I started than anything else I have ever done in my career!  It is the purest and most rewarding thing I do each year is take people to places I love and see their reactions to the beauty that Earth offers us!

So I leave each of you today with positive thoughts and hugs.  May your lives be blessed by many special moments — many times it is the small gifts that life gives us that add up to the most sincere meaning.  So enjoy your days and keep those prayers coming!