No more bad hair days for a while.


This blog will be  little different than most of the others.  This one has a photo below that should make all of you laugh today.  And the laugh is on me!

The photo above was one of my crazy hair days in the late 80’s. This was a wild assignment for a magazine on really, really rough bars.  The guy on the left is a gifted writer for the story named Bill Belleville and the man in the middle was the ‘over the top’ bartender at this rowdy motorcycle bar.  And, finally, me the rather timid photographer.  The photos I took that the magazine published were really off the edge often.

The reason I show this picture today is I had so many years of changing long & short hair.  Well, officially after yesterday, I have no hair left!  It was falling out fairly quickly, so I went to Great Clips yesterday and had them shave it all off.  One of the nicest things a company can do is that Great Clips, when you are going thru Chemo, will shave your head at no charge as an honor for your fight!  Isn’t that a nice gesture for a big company to do?  I tipped my stylist well, but she was crying with me at the end of the trim.  I have known her a long time there at that shop.

So, my friends, you are in for a laugh now.  The photo below is me without hair.  Something I have never seen.  I am pictured with my best friend Connie’s daughter Kim, who I have been Uncle Bill to her entire life.  She flew in this weekend to spend a few days with her Mom and me, and I was so pleased.  She is an important lawyer, and now an Administrative Law  Judge for the State of Tennessee.  I am so very proud of her.  We both have thumbs up as I continue to strive  towards my goal of being a Cancer Survivor!

I can see so many of my friends laughing wildly at this photo. Have a good laugh on me.  I do know for a fact that God created a few perfect heads, and the rest he put hair on!  In my case, I need hair AND a hat! My scalp is so pale (heck, it has never been bare) and I


never really saw my ears like that.  So enjoy all of you, as sometime soon it will grow back and I should look more normal.  And I wonder what my hair will look like after the Chemo… people say it grows totally differently than you had.  Something to look forward to indeed.

I close this today saying I am off Chemo this week and I hope to bring my body “back” with some rest from the deadly chemicals.  Still a work in progress with dangerous rising temperatures at times, difficulty being regular, and hoping that my appetite improves.  I tend to pick at food and I don’t want to lose any more weight.

I send hugs and smiles to all of you.  To all of those that need a smile & a lift today, I hope that I did that for you.