An Emergency Room Diversion



Wednesdays seem to be the worst days for me after the Monday Chemo treatments.  I wrote the last blog on Wednesday, but that night my temperature went up to 102.3.  I tried another colder shower, but I had chills and that did not work.  Then tried cold washcloths to no avail.  So we called the doctor’s answer service and they said go check into hospital from Emergency Room.  So we did.

Boy, even in a nice hospital, the ER after midnight looks like a 3rd World Country!  So many whole families laying around all the chairs as one patient from the family is the one sick — no place for the real patients to sit even.  Full house indeed.  I got there at midnight, finally got sent to a room in the hospital at 5:30 am!  They gave me IVs and I was released on Thursday afternoon.   Not exactly a fun night.

I have a vacation from Chemo this week, so we will take blood tests and see some results, I hope.  Doctor wants to attack that temperature spike before it goes up on Wednesdays with some medicine.  So I will try that after we start Chemo in two weeks.  This week I want to let my body rest from these tough sessions.

Still doing all the other alternative methods of Detox,  Frankincense, so many pills that fill your body with things that cancer hates, alkaline water, etc etc.  I am staying true to the fight and giving my body every chance.  I ask that you keep your prayers coming in the next few weeks as we turn the corner & then look for positive shrinkage in the tumor, no spreading, etc.  I can feel your prayers.  And I need your prayers & warm thoughts to boost my spirits.  I don’t have the energy for visits or calls, but I read every word you all send and I can’t tell you how much it means to my spirit.

To all those following the blog here, I send everyone positive energy, a fighting spirit, and a joy of life in your every day.  Watched a great movie on determination of the human fight last night on cable … “The Martian” with Matt Damon.  Being left deserted on Mars in space with only his own intelligence and fighting spirit was indeed uplifting!  I try to fill my life now with the power of positive vibes, and this was a great movie to lose myself into his fight.

Cheers to everyone.  Have a great weekend…..